Mountweazel Songs

by Luke Gullickson Trio

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Luke Gullickson, piano
Dávid Iapetos, bass
Soren Isi, drums

art by Shawn Cheng

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recorded by Jóhannes Páll at Dagon Mercury Studios, Utepils
produced by Luke Gullickson
mastered by Andrew Weathers

all compositions by Luke Gullickson
© 2014 by Two Labyrinths Music (ASCAP)

many thanks to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

"Mountweazel, Lillian Virginia, 1942-1973, American photographer, b. Bangs, Ohio. Turning from fountain design to photography in 1963, Mountweazel produced her celebrated portraits of the South Sierra Miwok in 1964. She was awarded government grants to make a series of photo-essays of unusual subject matter, including New York City buses, the cemeteries of Paris, and rural American mailboxes. The last group was exhibited extensively abroad and published as Flags Up! (1972). Mountweazel died at 31 in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine." (Source: New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975)


released November 17, 2015

2LR 004

℗ 2015 by Two Labyrinths Records
PO Box 714
High Lonesome, NM 88201


2LR is a division of the Two Labyrinths Institute for Sound and Symbology.


all rights reserved



Luke Gullickson Albuquerque, New Mexico

Musical maps and labyrinths

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Track Name: Sandy Island
(which was charted on nautical maps for over a century before it was officially “undiscovered” by the R/V Southern Surveyor in 2012)
Track Name: The Drowned Land of Reimerswaal
(which was the region of several cities in the Netherlands before it was lost to the ocean in St. Felix’s Flood of 1530)
Track Name: Peanut Valley
(of the Koana Islands, a baseball-loving nation invented and exhaustively mapped by Ian Silva, a train conductor from Sydney, Australia)
Track Name: Agloe, New York
(a fictional town designed as a copyright trap by the General Drafting Company, it became real when a general store called Agloe was built at the location in the 1950s, but it has since been abandoned)
Track Name: Argleton, West Lancashire
(which appeared on Google Maps until locals pointed out that the town does not exist, its supposed location a vacant field)
Track Name: Mt. Richard
(a fictitious peak on the U.S. Continental Divide that appeared on county maps in the 1970s)
Track Name: Chej Asos Triangles near Deming, New Mexico
(which exist only in the parallel universe of Kcymaerxthaere, which has been elucidated for some years by Geographer-at-Large Eames Demetrios)
Track Name: Kerguelen Plateau
(a submerged continent in the southern Indian Ocean)
Track Name: Aurora Islands
(which were sighted and charted in 1762, 1774, and 1794, but have not been seen since 1856, and which Arthur Gordon Pym failed to locate in Poe’s famous novel)